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Fmr. Dem Congresswoman Jane Harman Calls Out Bill Maher's Sexism

Bill Maher, host: "I don't know who that lady is on Fox, but she's not bright. (Megyn Kelly) She was talking about, you know, the -- Obama’s big thing this week, the millionaire's tax. Obama, in the slow retreat that is the economic policy of the Obama administration -- can't tax everybody, can't tax people who makes $250,000. We’re down to just, okay -- just the millionaires. Thinking no one could object to this. And most Americans are for this. And this lady says, she’s posing to us she says: '66% of Americans actually think this is a good idea.'"

Fmr. Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA): Wait, wait a minute. About the blonde female. We just had Ron Suskind on, didn't we? And he was talking about, or his book is about the treatment of women in the White House. I want to point out that the last time I was on this show -- there were lots of women on. This time, I'm it. I'm blonde. Hey!

Maher: "But, why if I say somebody is dumb -- I'd made all sorts of dumb jokes about George W. Bush. Nobody said 'well it's because he's got a penis, that's why you're saying these things.' Dumb is dumb. It's actually more sexist to call attention to somebody -- I didn't say she was dumb because she was a woman."

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