September 24, 2011 Archives

September 24, 2011 Archives

Maher Thanks Tony Bennett For "Adult Conversation" On Causes Of 9/11

Earlier this week singer Tony Bennett told Howard Stern on the radio what he thinks was the cause of 9/11. “They flew the plane in, but we caused it,” Bennett said, “because we were bombing them and they told us to stop.” The "Real Time" panel this week included Michael Moore, political commentator John Avlon and Former Rep. Jane Harman

Obama: Education Reform Will Help Students And Economy

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been making the case that we need to act now on the American Jobs Act, so we can put folks back to work and start building an economy that lasts into the future. Education is an essential part of this economic agenda. It is an undeniable fact that countries who out-educate us today will out-compete us tomorrow.

Lawrence O'Donnell: Rick Perry Is Republican Party's "Favorite Killer"

Lawrence O'Donnell explains how he thinks the Republican Party "has obviously lost its soul." "This Twilight Zone: How can this happen? Here's their favorite killer, state-sanctioned killer up there. They boo him after he calls them heartless," O'Donnell said about how the audience reacted to Rick Perry's record and capital punishment and immi

Fmr. Dem Congresswoman Jane Harman Calls Out Bill Maher's Sexism

Bill Maher, host: "I don't know who that lady is on Fox, but she's not bright. (Megyn Kelly) She was talking about, you know, the -- Obama’s big thing this week, the millionaire's tax. Obama, in the slow retreat that is the economic policy of the Obama administration -- can't tax everybody, can't tax people who makes $250,000. We’re down to jus

Herman Cain: Morgan Freeman Never Has Been To A Tea Party Event

Herman Cain responds to actor Morgan Freeman calling the Tea Party racist.

Sen. Collins Gives GOP Weekly: "Time Out" On Job-Killing Regulations

I'm Senator Susan Collins from the Great State of Maine. Last month, our nation produced no net new jobs. More than 14 million Americans could not find work. I’ve asked employers what would it take to help them add more jobs. No matter the size of their business or the size of their workforce, they tell me that Washington must stop imposing

Eugene Robinson: GOP In "Ball Of Confusion" Over 2012 Contenders

Eugene Robinson says Republicans want to "fall in love" with a candidate, and that person is not around.

Mark Levin Analyzes Debate: "This Is Not A Two-Person Race"

Mark Levin explains why he does not think this is a two-person race, and far from it. Levin says the polls don't matter this early in the election season. (From the "Mark Levin Show" opening monologue, September 23, 2011.)

Daily Kos: GOP Use Soldiers For Validating "Political Agenda"

Keith Olbermann and Daily Kos founder and publisher Markos Moulitsas denounce the boos directed at an active-duty gay soldier from the crowd at the GOP debate in Orlando. Moulitsas says, “What we found out is that they actually do hate gays and that they don’t respect our men in uniform unless it validates some sort of political agenda.”

Michael Moore: "Patriotic Americans" Will Wait Longer For Healthcare

Michael Moore defends Obamacare and healthcare programs similar to it around the world. Moore says the only "things you maybe have to wait for" are a knee replacement surgery or cataracts. "Things that are not life-threatening," Moore said on HBO's "Real Time" with host Bill Maher. "The reason why you have to wait sometimes in those countries i

"Special Report" Panel On Israel, Palestinians At UN

Charles Lane, Tucker Carlson and Charles Krauthammer are on the panel.

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