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Krauthammer: Questionable If Perry Is The Most Conservative GOPer Able To Win

Charles Krauthammer analyzes Republican hopefuls' debate performance. Krauthammer also applies the 'Buckley rule' to decide who is the most electable conservative Republican right now.

"What is taking us into decline," Krauthammer said, "is an administration that sees America's future in the European model of social democracy. Therefore, nearly anyone who espouses the opposite ideology - smaller government, less taxation, less debt, and less regulation - would restore the economic power of capitalism. However, if you are going to do it you have to reach the presidency. So it isn't just ideas and policies, it's who can be elected. You have to invoke the rule of William F. Buckley, who said he would vote for the most conservative candidate who can win. Governor Perry is now rather doubtful because he had a bad debate."

"All you have to do is ask a Democrat who is the toughest opponent for Obama to debate and beat, and I think they will say Romney."

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