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September 22, 2011 Archives

Michael Moore Threatens The Rich: Let's "Deal With It Nonviolently Now"
Charles Krauthammer Analyzes FOX News GOP Debate
David Axelrod On Solyndra: "I Know Nothing"
Romney And Perry Go At It Over Social Security, Romneycare
Perry On Opposition To In-State Tuition For Illegals: "I Don't Think You Have A Heart"
Herman Cain: Obamacare Would Have Killed Me
Romney Strongly Supports Israel
Gingrich: No Unemployment Benefits For Doing Nothing
Bachmann On Taxes: "You Should Get To Keep Every Dollar You Earn"
Santorum: Rick Perry Is Weak On American Sovereignty, Borders
Ron Paul On Restoring The 10th Amendment
Huntsman And Santorum Argue About Afghanistan, War On Terror
Mark Levin: "We're In Dire Straits"
David Axelrod: Republicans Are Becoming "Functionally Obsolete"
Herman Cain On Romney Tax Plan: "That Dog Won't Hunt"
Rick Santelli To Obama: "We Need to Create Jobs"
CNN: "This Really Isn't The Best Example Of A Shovel Ready" Project
Rep. Allen West: "We Need Black Fathers, Not Washington D.C."
Obama: "I'm A Warrior For The Middle Class"
Chris Matthews: Rick Perry A "Southern Guy, A Yahoo"
Chris Christie On Ethics Reform: "Who The Hell Disagrees With That?"
McConnell: Dems Treating Obama's Jobs Bill "Like An Afterthought"
Andrew Breitbart: Palin Hit Book Likely A "Literary Hoax"
Ron Paul's $1 Million Ad Buy: "He Served"
Liberal Group's Ad Capitalizes On "Uninsured Man" Debate Question
Bill Clinton: Obama's Approach To The Deficit Is "A Little Confusing"
Debbie Wasserman Schultz: "Natural Home For Jewish Voters" Is Democratic Party
"Special Report" Panel Previews GOP Debate
Bill Clinton: Perry, Republicans Like Israeli "Militants"
Alter: WH Staff Told Not To Turn On Each Other Over Suskind's Book
"Daily Show" On Obama, Class Warfare And Math
O'Reilly: The Government "Doesn't Give A Hoot" About Spending
Dionne: Public Opinion Is Shifting Away From The Death Penalty
Matthews: Davis Case Is Open To Thoughtful Analysis

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