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Scarborough On Obama: "He Wants Us To Do Well, But Not That Well"

"He thinks Americans should make a certain amount. Maybe make $4 million like he made on his book. But, no more. Instead of thinking, and I think it's a mindset, an obsession. How do I get -- because I don't get. SEriously, rich people, I don't care what you tax rich people. Rich people are going to take care of themselves. Right? They've got the lawyers. They've got the accountants to take care of themselves. The obsessions should be how do we put in a tax code that helps us reinvest in our economy but gets working-class people back to work," host of "Morning Joe" Joe Scarborough said of President Obama's push for "fairness."

"I don't know if the president is obsessing on the right thing. The obsession is not punishing the rich people. The obsession should be getting the working class back to work."

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