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Mitt Romney Defends Mandating Citizens To Buy Healthcare In MA

Bill O'Reilly, host: "How are you going to convince conservatives, who are suspect of you, not all of them, but some of them, because you did the individual mandate in Massachusetts about the healthcare. Conservatives, that drives them nuts. They say that the government, state and federal, has no right to force anybody to buy anything. How are you going to convince those people that they should support you?"

Fmr. Gov. Mitt Romney, guest: "Well, the government, of course, has a lot of mandates. And I know folks don't like that. But mandates, kids go to school, mandates they have to have auto insurance if you have an automobile, and my conservative friends say 'you don't have to have automobiles' and it's like 'what state do you live in?' Of course you do have to have automobiles in this nation. And the plan that we put in place is one put together by Republicans and Democrats, it works for Massachusetts. Obamacare, however, is unconstitutional, will not work. It's massively expensive. I will repeal it."

O'Reilly: "If Romneycare isn't unconstitutional, why is Obamacare unconstitutional?"

Romney: "Because there are two constitutions. Each state has its own constitution."

O'Reilly: "So, the states have a right to mandate it, but not the federal government?"

Romney: "Of course. States have the right to mandate. That's why states mandates kids go to school. The federal government can't do that. States mandate that you have to buy auto insurance. The federal government can't do that."

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