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Bill Maher: Obama Is "The Wrong Color" For GOP

Bill Maher appeared on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno to give his political perspective and to offer President Obama some advice.

"He's got to understand that with the Republicans, it's not the entree they don't like. They don't like the waiter," he said.

"Stop trying to make everyone like you. You can give all the money to the rich, they will still call you a socialist. They are never going to like him. He could personally save them from drowning, but they would still not like him. He is the wrong age, the wrong party, the wrong color. He will never pry their irrational fears from their cold, dead minds and he should just stop that tactic," Maher said

"Flip the script, make them nervous. Grow your hair out," Maher advised the President.

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