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Krauthammer Struck By Obama's "Abuse Of Majesty" Of A Joint Session

On Special Report's Lightning Round, panelists gave their two cents on President Obama's Jobs Speech. Charles Krauthammer said it is "ironic and a contradiction" that Obama would give a speech on jobs while at the same time he is "destroying jobs or threatening them" with regulations.

"It is also ironic and a contradiction. Here he is giving a speech last night to throw another half a trillion dollars at jobs and his agencies are running around destroying their jobs or threatening them with that ruling on Boeing. With the ruling from the EPA, essentially shutting down oil exploration, that attempted to shut down part of the coal industry. A regulation that was suspended," Krauthammer said

When asked for his response on the joint address, Charles Krauthammer said he was struck by Obama's "abuse of the majesty" of the setting of the joint address of Congress. Other Presidents used this setting to declare war, while President Obama used it as a "kickoff of his own reelection campaign."

"What struck me is his abuse of the majesty of that setting. A joint address of Congress is something FDR did on the day after Pearl Harbor to ask for a declaration of war on imperial Japan. It's a place for LBJ who asked for a Civil Rights Act. Here a place where Obama used its kickoff for his own reelection campaign. Quite a difference," Krauthammer said

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