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Trumka To Obama: "Go To The Mat" For Labor Tonight

AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka tells ABC's "TopLine" that President Obama needs to "go to the mat" in his jobs speech tonight for policies that will benefit union workers.

Trumka says if we stop giving the jobless their unemployment insurance (U.I.), or unemployment benefits, then it will hurt the economy.

"We need to extend unemployment insurance so that we don't have three-and-a-half million people that are about to lose their U.I., or unemployment insurance, to stop consuming. If we have three-and-a-half million people stop consuming it will be a big hit on the economy that is already teetering as we speak," Trumka said.

"American workers have sort of been voiceless in this process," Trumka said about unions influence on the President's policy. "So we've decided to develop an independent voice that speaks for workers."

Trumka will sit with Michelle Obama at tonight's job address by the President.

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