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Eugene Robinson: Palin Not Running

"She doesn't like holding office. She held office, remember? She was governor of Alaska. She quit. It was too much of a hassle. She's not running for president, yet she continues this dangling the possibility and there is always a gullible few, I think, who are willing to believe to buy into the fantasy that 'Palin for President.' I don't see it now, I never see it," Eugene Robinson, Pulitzer prize winning columnist for the Washington Post, said on MSNBC.

"She has no campaign machinery and she does not have the discipline and single-mindedness that one needs to be a candidate in the first place," Robinson said later in the segment.

"Yet we continue to talk about it because she acts as if 'well it might, might be in Iowa. Maybe she'll go to New Hampshire next. Maybe it will be there.' It's not going to be," Robinson said about the "tease" of Sarah Palin.

Robinson concluded that Palin is running to be kingmaker or to be a billionaire.

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