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Wasserman Schultz: Republicans "Who Think The Recovery Act Didn't Work Are Wrong"

DNC Chairman says not only did the stimulus work but it "helped to turn the economy around." Here's what she said on "Morning Joe" this morning:

Willie Geist, MSNBC: "You mentioned infrastructure. You're talking about a huge stimulus program, rebuilding bridges, roads, and schools, and everything else. We already had a stimulus package that most Republicans deemed ineffective, almost a $1 trillion. What makes you think this time around that your fellow Congress people, people across the aisle from me, would go along with me this time if they didn't think the last one worked?"

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC Chair: "Well, the Republicans who think the Recovery Act (stimulus) didn't work are simply wrong. The Recovery Act, as of the beginning of this year, created an additional 3.6 million jobs. We have -- the Recovery Act had a direct impact on making sure the teachers, firefighters, police officers were able to remain in their jobs. It begun -- it helped begin to turn the economy around. 50% of it was tax breaks to small businesses and to the middle class. So every economist you would talk to that is worth their salt acknowledges that without the Recovery Act we would not be continuing on the upswing. We would still be either stuck or spiraling downward. So the Republicans can't make up their own facts. The bottom line is the Recovery Act had an impact."

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