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Scarborough: Where Is The Media On Hoffa Comment?

Host of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Joe Scarborough repeatedly asked why the media is ignoring Jimmy Hoffa's violent rhetoric at an event yesterday where President Obama was also a speaker.

"Seriously, we talk, we criticize Republicans all the time when they come out, Michele Bachmann says horrible things or Sarah Palin has targets and all the press joins in and it's a big old party, but you have the head of the Teamsters introducing the President of the United States and he talks about quote 'taking them out.' Silence. Not a word. And you know, every media outlet -- actually Jake Tapper, [of] ABC News did something on it, but nobody else," Scarborough said.

Toward the end of the clip New York Magazine's John Heilemann said the President should "call out" Jimmy Hoffa.

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