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Black Journalist: "The Time For Nice Speeches Is Over"

"Because what many people are saying, and I happen to agree with this, the time for nice speeches is over. You know, President Obama is very good at really laying out a comprehensive, very detailed plan. He's a very good speech maker. And that's okay. But this is a different time, and a different place. He's got to be specific, and I do believe he's got to go big, big, big. No matter what the President does, we have to be realistic. The GOP, the Tea Party, they've made it crystal clear 'we're going to oppose it.' It doesn't make any difference what he does. So really, he can shoot the bank on this one. He has almost nothing to lose," Earl Ofari Hutchinson told MSNBC on Tuesday.

Ofari Hutchinson, a journalist and political commentator, is also the author of several books on the "African American experience."

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