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Fineman: Dems Tell Me Campaign Will Be A "Down And Dirty" Attack

"When I talk to Democrats outside and inside the White House, as I did today what I heard was a slightly different message," Howard Fineman said on tonight's "Hardball."

Fineman reveals that the Democratic strategy for the presidential and Congressional elections will be "down and dirty."

"It's not going to be a 'Morning in America' campaign, it's going to be a darkness at midnight campaign about the Republicans. It's going to be about the fact that the Republicans in Congress pushed Paul Ryan's bill Medicare, about how they pushed Cut, Cap and Balance. It's about how Republicans wanted to dismantle Wall Street reform. It's going to be about how the Republican presidential candidates have embraced the Tea Party."

"Those are going to be the two central messages of a campaign that's mostly going to be about attack. I think this is -- just like 2008 was in some respects an uplifting campaign, from both sides, this one is going to be down and dirty from the beginning from both sides."

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