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Cheney Still Strongly Supports Waterboarding: "No Apologies"

NBC's Jamie Gangel sits down with former Vice President Dick Cheney who opens up about the controversial programs he supported after 9/11 and why he and former President George W. Bush tell different stories on the war in Iraq.

Jamie Gangel, NBC News: "This book is going to make a lot of people angry."

Former Vice President Dick Cheney: "There are going to be heads exploding all over Washington, Jamie."

Gangel: "A conservative hero the his fans, Darth Vader to his critics, Cheney 's book is an unapologetic defense to his Vice Presidency and the controversial programs he's championed after 9/11. In your view, we should still be using enhanced interrogation?"

Cheney: "Yes."

Gangel: "Should we still be waterboarding terror suspects?

Cheney: "I would strongly support using it again if we had a high-value detainee, that was the only way we could get him to talk."

Gangel: "People call it torture. you think it should still be a tool?"

Cheney: "Yes."

Gangel: "Rendition?"

Cheney: "Yes."

Gangel: "Secret prisons?"

Cheney: "Yes."

Gangel: "Wiretapping?"

Cheney: "Well, with the right approval."

Gangel: "You say it is one of the things you are proudest of and you would do it again in a heartbeat."

Cheney: "It was controversial at the time. It was the right thing to do."

Gangel: "No apologies?"

Cheney: "No apologies."

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