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Romney Gets Heated: "You Had Your Turn Madam, Now Let Me Get Mine"

Mitt Romney gets heated about the role of government with a questioner at a town hall.

Woman: When we have these disasters the people turn and expect the government will help them. We have all kinds of programs – Social Security, Medicare – for us to act like we don’t take advantage of those and benefit from them is shameful. I wish you would speak to truth rather than say something you think is a platitude, when in fact we do need the government to spend money.

Romney: Did someone in the room say we didn’t need any government? Do you have a question, and let me answer your question?

Woman: Yes! My question is this, how do you think the government cannot provide funds for the people, its citizens?

Romney: Ok, let me answer the question. Of course government provides funds for its people, the citizens. Of course we take care of America when there are national disasters. Of course we honor our promises to seniors. Of course it costs money, but not more than you take in. Fifty states in America, fifty states in America, balance their budget every year. Fifty states in America balance their budget every year! I balanced the budget every year.

You had your turn. You had your turn madam! Let me have mine, let me have mine. Listen, I’ll give you have the microphone in a moment, but let me complete. I’m sorry, it’s my turn. You had yours, now it’s my turn. Would you please hold on a moment and let me finish?

Good, this is the answer. My state of Massachusetts - . Look, let me speak, then you get to speak, ok? Just hold on a moment. Just hold on. I’m happy to have your question. Madam, hold on a second, hold on a second.

In my state of Massachusetts. Republicans and Democrtats, my legislature, 85% Democrat, we balanced the budget every year. We also cared for our schools, our seniors, our police departments were well-managed, we improved our highways, we doubled our budget for repairing bridges, we did good things. But you know what? We balanced the budget every year. We didn’t say ‘you know what? We need to go to China and borrow some money we’ll never pay,that our kids will have to pay.’ I don’t want to borrow more money from China to buy things that we should buy for ourselves. I want to balance the budget. That’s my view!

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