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Jon Huntsman: "I Like My Chances"

"I like my chances. If this had been the reality last go around in 2008, Fed Thompson would be president if you kind of read the polls then. Howard Dean would have been president in 2004, How many frontrunners have we had already in several months? Probably four or five. No body is paying attention, nobody is tuned in with the exception of the insider crowd. I like our chances because our message is straightforward, it's honest, it's based on my record, and it is based on a common sense conversation with the people who are facing a category five economic storm in this country and it is almost like people don't want to face reality," presidential candidate Fmr. Gov. Jon Huntsman (R-Utah) told Cavuto on FOX News today.

On taxes:

CAVUTO says: "Why mention the upper income has to do their part? Were you saying--."

HUNTSMAN says: "I all i saying everyone in the country has to recognize the new reality and that is we have to change the way we do business."

CAVUTO says: "Does that include paying more to the government if there are only so many cuts?"

HUNTSMAN says: "Reforming our tax code. We have a broken tax code that has to be completely revamped for the 21 citizentory. Do we need to get rid of corporate welfare? Absolutely, you raise that and you reinvest it in the tax code thats exactly what I would do."

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