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Gingrich: "Administration Doesn't Understand What's Going On"

GINGRICH says: "[Obama] doesn't understand job creation, but lets not just talk about January 2013, what could we do in September to set up a series of choices where President Obama would have to concede to the American people the kind of policies that would create jobs."

GINGRICH: "When you think about 43 percent black teenage unemployment under this president, that's a level of personal pain, family pain, virtually every African American church in this country has members who are know unemployed, so I think a republican party that says we're not going to wait around for a year and a half of name calling, lets find positive ways to create jobs now, lets find ways to unleash small business now, lets find ways to reach America now, I think that puts the president in a much deeper box than just getting into an ideological fight with him."

GINGRICH says: "This administration doesn't understand what's going on, we've seen several incidents now involving Egypt, in which the Egyptian government has clearly gone in an Islamist direction, allowed infiltrators to cross the Sinai for the first time I think in 30 years, there are things happening out there that are very dangerous in Libya, in Syria, in Yemen in frankly Iraq and Afghanistan as well as Egypt."

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