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Rep. Ellison: GOP Makes Up Ways To Be "Defenders Of The American People"

"These same folks [Republicans] were trying to give everybody except [Obama] credit for bin Laden. So the President Obama, if he walked on water they would say he couldn't swim. He can't do right by them," Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) said on Current TV's "Countdown" program.

This led host Keith Olbermann to comment "if this had happened in 2003, George Bush would have campaigned with two pins on each lapel with their heads (Gaddafi and bin Laden) on them with big red stripes."

"Remember, these are the folks who tarnished John Kerry and said he was less than a war hero. Don't ever expect that they will conform their behavior to the facts on the ground. They won't. They will simply say whatever is most advantageous to them as loud and as long as they can," Ellison said.

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