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Dem Senator: "We've Got To Eliminate The Waste"

UPDATE: This post has been corrected to accurately quote Sen. Lautenberg saying "We've got to eliminate the waste," not "we got to eliminate the rich." The transcript on the YouTube video is inaccurate.

Press conference in Belmar, New Jersey on 8/17/11.

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) at a town hall event in New Jersey:

Questioner: "How much money is taken or can be taken from illegal gains such as drug seizures and applied to replenishment of beaches and improving the quality of beaches in New Jersey?"

U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ): "There is that opportunity along the way, but there's another place to get your money. That's to get it from people like me who made money from the infrastructure, the human infrastructure that the United States has. And we ought to pay more in our taxes for the values, for the things that we've got as a result of the extraordinarily middle class of this country.

"It's offending [sic] that say ok 'you can't take care of your family, too bad.' Go to Warren Buffett. You heard him say the other day that the richest man in the America, if not the second or third one, he said that we ought to pay more for the privileges that we wealthy have in this country. Its a tough fight but we've got to eliminate the waste. We've got to eliminate the fraudulent practice. We've expanded things that have no value."

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