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Coburn: Obama's "Intent Is To Create Dependency Because It Worked So Well For Him"

As reported by Oklahoma's newspaper "Tulsa World," U.S. Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla) held a town hall event where he gave his unfiltered thoughts on how he thinks President Obama views the United States. (story here)

Responding to a man who asked if Obama "wants to destroy America," Coburn said the president is "very bright" and loves his country but has a political philosophy that is "goofy and wrong."

Obama's "intent is not to destroy, his intent is to create dependency because it worked so well for him," he said.

"As an African-American male," Coburn said, Obama received "tremendous advantage from a lot of these programs."

Coburn went on to say that most of the country's problems were created by Congress and that "I don't think presidents matter that much."

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