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Rasmussen: Rick Perry Is GOP Frontrunner

FOX News: A brand new Rasmussen poll shows that just days after announcing his candidacy, Texas Governor Rick Perry is the new Republican frontrunner for 2012. In a poll of likely GOP voters, 29 percent said they’d vote for Perry.

Is the primary still anybody’s game? Scott Rasmussen joined America Live and said, “Governor Perry is the frontrunner, but it’s much more difficult to remain the frontrunner than to be the guy that everybody wants to get in the race. He’s got his time, lets see what he can do with it.”

Rasmussen went on to say, “Once you enter the race, you face a good level of scrutiny. As you mentioned a few minutes ago, there might be some other people coming in. The race is still wide open, but if you’re Rick Perry, you’ve gotta feel good about where you are right now.”

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