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Krauthammer: Obama's Actions On The Economy Are "Pathetic"

Charles Krauthammer: "This is one of the great events in American history. He hasn't had this issue of debt on the table for two and a half years, especially since December when the budget, his deficit reduction commission reported, he's done absolutely nothing on this. And even today, after the gyrations in the market and after the downgrade and after the whole debate in the country of how we're going over a cliff on debt, all of a sudden he says, 'Well, we're going to wait until September.' If he has an idea, how about giving it? In the whole debate on the debt ceiling, he never once gave a plan. He never once -- in fact, his Democrats in the Senate have not even issued a budget in 800 days, in two years. The Republicans have put a budget on the table, which was extremely radical -- $6 trillion in cuts, including a radical reform of Medicare, for which the Democrats have attacked incessantly. The Democrats have proposed nothing, and now he tells us, 'Well, in September, of course after I have 10 days on the Vineyard where I can relax and really think really hard' in the presence of Larry David and other luminaries I'm sure, he'll come up with a plan. Pathetic."

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