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Gingrich Defends Campaign, Tells FOX Host To Put Aside "'Gotcha' Questions"

Chris Wallace, one of the FOX News debate moderators, brought up Newt Gingrich losing his national campaign staff as well as his Iowa staff. Wallace also reminds Gingrich that he is a million dollars in debt as he asks the former House speaker if his campaign "has been a mess so far?"

Gingrich was none too happy after receiving the tough question.

"Let me say, first of all, Chris, that I took seriously Bret [Baier]'s injunction to put aside the talking points, and I wish you would put aside the 'gotcha' questions," Gingrich said.

"Like Ronald Reagan, who had 13 senior staff resign the morning of the New Hampshire primary and whose new campaign manager laid off 100 people because he had no money because the consultants had spent it. Like John McCain, who had to go and run an inexpensive campaign because the consultants spent it. I intend to run on ideas," Gingrich explained.

He adds: "I'd love to see the rest of tonight's debate asking us about what we would do to lead an America whose president has failed to lead instead of playing 'Mickey Mouse games.'"

"Speaker Gingrich, if you think questions about your record are 'Mickey Mouse,' I'm sorry. I think those are questions that a lot of people want to hear answers to, and you're responsible for your record, sir," Wallace responded.

"I think that there's too much attention paid by the press corps about the campaign minutia and not enough paid by the press corps to the basic ideas that distinguish us from Barack Obama," Gingrich said in a final rebuttal.

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