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Axelrod: All GOP Candidates Have "Embraced The Dogma of The Tea Party Right"

Obama senior adviser and senior campaign aide David Axelrod also calls Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) a "formidable" candidate.

"I've always that Romney was a presumptive -- weak front-runner. I still believe that to be the case. Obviously Governor Perry is now emerged on the scene. He could be a very formidable candidate. But one thing I've learned, you saw an example of it today. You don't know people are going to perform in these presidential campaigns until they're out there, until they're handling questions and dealing with situations. And none of us have seen Governor Perry out there. But, in some ways, Lawrence, it doesn't really matter who the Republican nominee is because every single one of them have now embraced the dogma of the Tea Party right. You saw it during the discussion about the debt in which some of them actually urged default as a strategy and all of them embraced that the notion that these tax cuts for the wealthy and tax breaks for oil and gas companies and for corporate jets were more important than things that could actually get our economy moving. Were more important than education, more important than research and development and more important than Social Security and Medicare. That is the line that all of them are towing now. So in some ways the personalities are different but the argument appears to be the same," Axelrod told MSNBC prior to the GOP debate in Iowa.

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