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Krauthammer: Obama Gets "Physical Pain" When Companies Don't Pay Taxes

Charles Krauthammer: "I disagree. If you have $1 trillion overseas staying overseas because if you bring it over here it's double taxation. What you do is you give a holiday, a moratorium on that. And let's see if it works or not. It's certainly not going to hurt. I think the reason that Obama doesn't want to do it is when he sees $1 trillion over there as untaxed he gets physical pain as a result. Now, second suggestion, how about a one-year moratorium on regulations? Obama imagines that acting on the economy is creating a program, spending the money, infrastructure and all of this stuff. How about undoing the foot he's had on the neck of this economy? The NLRB, the EPA, shutting down our drilling shell and all these other resources and try to cull, cleanse. A year of moratorium, roll back some of that and you'll see at least an energy, a real spurt in the economic growth."

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