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Obama Bus Tour: President To Tout Job Creation On Taxpayer's Dime

President Obama will be embarking on a three-day bus tour later this month to tout job creation. The tour will take place from August 15 to the 17th (a Monday to Wednesday).

"[Obama] looks forward to talking to the folks about growing the economy, creating jobs," Jay Carney said at his daily White House press briefing.

Carney got testy with the press after he was asked if this event was being paid for by the Obama 2012 campaign or by taxpayers. Answer: The latter. Transcript below:

Reporter: "Is that a campaign event?"

Carney: "Negative, it is an official event."

Reporter: "So, it will be funded by taxpayers?"


Carney: "He's the President of the United States."

"The idea that the president of the United States should not venture forth into the country is ridiculous," Jay Carney said in defense of Obama's decision to go forward with the tour.

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