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Krauthammer: Obama Is "Out Of Bullets...Out Of Arrows" On Economy

Charles Krauthammer: "An index of how spent he is sort of intellectually on the issue of jobs is the campaign speech he gave today, the fourth in 10 days, in which he pivoted, he did his pivot, and he announced five initiatives. Listen to them. Payroll tax extension: We already have that. Unemployment insurance extension: Already have that. Trade deals: He's had it for two and a half years and done nothing. Spending on more infrastructure: a perennial -- you know, more dams, more bridges and roads. And the last one, I love that. Here's the real new one that will get us out of our doldrums: patent process reform. Now that I think is the key to economic explosion, getting us out of 9 percent unemployment.

"He's out of bullets, he's out of arrows, he's looking for stones on the seashore. And it shows that he may want to have a jobs agenda, he may want to do a pivot -- there's nothing left in the cupboard. He did a huge Keynesian gamble, and it failed."

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