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Carney: Biden Was Part Of An "Emotional" Debate In Dem Meeting

FOX News' senior White House correspondent Ed Henry asks Jay Carney about Vice President Joe Biden reportedly agreeing that Tea Party members of Congress are terrorists during a closed door meeting with House Democrats.

Ed Henry, FOX News: "After she [Gabby Giffords] was shot in January, there were a lot of people from both parties, especially the President when he went to Tucson and said 'enough with these ridiculous analogies and harmful metaphors' and what not. And yesterday the Vice President was in a meeting on Capitol Hill where it sounds like some Democrats, maybe even the Vice President, used the word 'terrorist' to describe some Tea Party folks affiliated with Republican party -- Republican lawmakers affiliated with the Tea Party. Does the President think that is appropriate discourse?"

Jay Carney, White House press secretary: "No, he doesn't and neither does the Vice President. I think the Vice President spoke to this and made clear he didn't say those words and I think that the Congressman in question has said that he regrets using them.

"It was a product of an emotion discussion, very passionately held positions in this debate. But that does not mean this is appropriate and it's not. The Vice President doesn't think so, the President doesn't think so. Any kind of comments like that are simply not conducive to the kind of political discourse that we hope to have."

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