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Sen. Bob Corker: Debt Deal Is A "Punt"

"Well, it's a punt where we finally got on the right subject and that was reducing spending. So, you know, that's the subject that we're on. Obviously the President has a vision for this country that is totally different than where Republicans are. And I think you're right. I mean, this was in essence -- this was a punt. And all of us who care so deeply about deficit spending and wanting to rectify that right now are is going to have to step back and okay what's the better solution? Are we better off passing a very, very short term ceiling and try to grind this on out or have we seen that the two parties are not going to do anything that is seminal. The two parties are not going to do anything that really rectifies this situation and the voters of our country are going to have to make a decision over the course of between now and next November as to where they want to see this country go," Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) said on CNBC this morning with Steve Liesman.

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