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Rep. Barney Frank: "I Never Saw A Tax Cut Put Out A Fire"

"So I said earlier, those of us who believe that government has a role for positive achievement in society along with the private sector doing things only government can do. That we're in a kind of default position now. And we have to fight back. I believe that last year, the past year, the health care bill was unfairly demonized as having been done with procedural unfairness. That wasn't true. There was a kind of myth about it. But I do think for the President to invoke the 14th amendment now, not having thought about it before, after 150 years, would have so exacerbated anger. i don't like this deal. But I think it would have been worse.

"Let me say this: I think what we now have, those of us like you, like me who -- tax cuts are fun, but I never saw a tax cut put out a fire. I never saw a tax cut make a bridge. We need to have to make the case for positive government."

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