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Clyburn: If Boehner Nixes Oil Subsidies, Entitlements On The Table

Gretchen Carlson, FOX News: "However, when you look at Senator Reid's plan from last night, he's not touching entitlements at all. I think most people would agree that long term, we have to touch entitlements because our country simply can't afford to continue at the rate that we have."

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC): "Well, the last time I checked Speaker Boehner's plan will not touch the wealthy, the upper 2%. [It] will not do anything to close loopholes. For anybody to say 'to get rid of oil and gas subsidies is tantamount to a tax increase,' that is where we have to compromise. He has to come off of that notion, Sen. Reid will then come off of his notion about entitlements."

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