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Reid Introduces Deal: Time For "Ideological Extremism" Is Over

Harry Reid introduces the Senate plan for increasing the debt ceiling and cutting spending:

"Unfortunately the Republicans who used to run Congress, the two Republican caucuses, are being driven by a radical right-wing that is so in-tune with the tea party.

"They want their leaders to ignore the American people as they're doing. They want their leaders to ignore the business leaders like the Chamber of Commerce, that they're ignoring. And even a majority of Republicans around this country want something to happen and they're refusing to do that.

"They'd rather cut Social Security benefits than end taxpayer-funded giveaways for these billionaires and millionaires who have their corporate jets.

"We should not let these extremists dictate the outcome of this debate for the direction of our country. The time for ideological extremism should end. Now is the time for cooperation and consensus building and that's what legislation is all about."

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