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Limbaugh: Obama "Is Either Clueless Or A Saboteur"

After reminiscing about the days of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and how he would make fun of them, Rush Limbaugh took a more serious tone when it comes to President Obama:

"Today, there is plenty of stuff to ridicule and there's plenty of stuff to laugh at and there's plenty of stuff to make fun of. I must be honest, it's harder and harder to do that. It's harder and harder to laugh at things which have destroyed people's lives. It's harder and harder to ridicule. What's funny about what's happening to the housing market? What's funny about what's happening to unemployment? It's not impossible and we have our share with all these things, but at the same time there is this fine line of balance.

"People's lives are being destroyed here. People know that their futures are being cut out from underneath them. In the past the country was no where near as near as risk as it is today. At no time in the past was it accurate to say 'four more years of President X' and this country as we've known it ceases to exist. That is today's reality. Four more years of an unchecked, unstopped Obama and America as we know it is transformed in ways that people have no desire to see it."

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