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Krauthammer: Obama "Has Gone From Emperor To Bystander"

Charles Krauthammer: "When I heard today that he was going to speak at 9:00, instantly I thought, 'we've got a deal.' Why else would the President request airtime? Then I hear he's just going to make his argument. I think the reason he's doing this is because -- three nights ago, there he was on television, summoning the leaders of the Congress to a meeting the next day, like King Henry summoning the wayward Dukes to the castle. He has that meeting. Boehner decides, we don't need the President anymore, we're going to work this out in Congress. And they were close to a deal on Sunday. I think the President is speaking tonight because he's gone from Emperor to bystander in three days, and he wants to be at least in on it to be resolved, and doesn't want it to be appear as it was resolved in spite of him and without him."

Krauthammer on Obama's primetime address: "It's his Campaign. 2012. He warned, I think it was Eric Cantor in one of these meetings, 'I will take it to the country.' That's what he's doing. This is campaigning. This is all about -- look, the date he chose as a drop-dead date, the debt ceiling extension has to go into the election. It's a political date. It has as much relation to real economics as the surge withdrawal date in Afghanistan does to actually military reality. None whatsoever. It's not an economic date. It's a date which will help him get through the election without having to answer questions all the time on debt and how he's increased it by $4 Trillion."

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