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Sen. Durbin: GOP Wants To Make Debt A Campaign Issue

SENATOR RICHARD DURBIN (D-IL): "Well, we absolutely do not want to default. But this notion that we're going to replay this movie in four or five months, that we're going to face this whole thing all over again, the American economy is too fragile at this point in recovery for us to allow that to happen. We've been warned not by political advisers. I hear the Republicans. They want to make this a campaign issue. Ignore the political advisors for a moment. Listen to the economists who are telling us, all of them together, do not lurch from one five-month period to another when it comes to the credit rating of the United States of America. Not at this moment in history. It's going to hurt us. It's going to stall our recovery. And I might say to Speaker Boehner he should remember six words--if you break it, you own it."

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