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Boehner: Where Is Obama's Plan?

“Mr. Speaker, there is a huge gulf between Washington, DC and the American people. They are dealing with tough times. They’re struggling to pay their bills. And they look to Washington, they see politicians who can’t stop spending money – their money.

“Listen, we’re broke. We need to stop the out-of-control spending spree that’s going on in Washington, DC.

“The House has acted. We passed a bill that raised the debt limit, cuts spending, puts in place real reforms in place, and requires Congress send to the states a Balanced Budget Amendment. It’s called ‘cut, cap, and balance.’

“We’ve done our job. The Democrats who run Washington have done nothing. They can’t stop spending the American people’s money. They won’t and they refuse.

“The Senate Majority Leader says they still won’t offer a plan to cut spending. Or a plan to raise the debt limit. Frankly, that’s irresponsible.

“Mr. Speaker, where is their plan?

“President Obama talks about being ‘the adult in the room.’ But where is his plan to cut spending and raise the debt limit?

“We’re in the fourth quarter – and we’re fighting for jobs, we’re fighting for the future, we’re fighting for the American people.”

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