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Bill Maher: Palin Family Thinks "Abstinence Is Latin For No Anal"

HBO's Bill Maher made several indecent jokes about the growing Palin family and their procreational activities. News "broke" this week that Fmr. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's eldest son, Track, is expecting a baby with his wife. The big hoopla is that they have only been married for two months but his wife is nearly in her third trimester.

Maher, true to form, joked that Palin, one of the "MILFs of the Republican right" is expecting her second grandchild.

Maher cracked that Palin "became a grandmother again or for the first time, who knows?"

"What is it with this family and pregnancies? Do they not have condoms up there in Alaska? When they say 'don't retreat, reload' they are not f**king around," Bill Maher said on his weekly Friday night show "Real Time" which broadcasts on the HBO network.

"I think they think abstinence is latin for no anal," Maher concluded.

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