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MSNBC Host: Murdoch Attack "Encapsulates What The British People Are Feeling"

MSNBC's The Contessa Brewer: "We saw kind of an arm swat there many the video. I mean, the thing is we've been watching this testimony for the last few hours here. It's been compelling testimony in and of itself, Thomas. And then this has been the attention getter of the day. When you're standing here and you're listening to it and all of a sudden you hear the whole crowd, the MPs, the members of Parliament who have been involved in the questioning erupting audibly and looking with horror. And you can see that reaction from James Murdoch, you know, "What's going on here?" That was the attention getter. And I think, in some ways, this encapsulates what the British people are feeling right now about Rupert Murdoch and those involved in this phone hacking scandal." (H/T: NB)

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