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Epic Showdown Between Chris Matthews And Rep. Joe Walsh

Key line from Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL, Chicago) to Chris Matthews: Obama "doesn't send a thrill up my leg."

REP. JOE WALSH, (R-IL): "All of these Democrats, Chris, that have not put forth a plan or a budget, they are going to have to sign on as well."

CHRIS MATTHEWS: "Okay, just to repeat what's obvious to everybody watching. Your plan does not have any cuts in it. It doesn't explain where the cuts --"


Matthews: "You just said the President doesn't have a plan. Your plan doesn't have any cuts in it. Can you explain that to me?"

Walsh: "Your President, who sends a tingle up your leg -- "

Matthews: "He's our President, by the way. Alright here we go -- "

Walsh: "He has not been serious in six months. Why do you ignore that, Chris? Why do you ignore that?"

Matthews: "He's our President. Tingle is your word."

Walsh: "He doesn't send a thrill up my leg, Chris and he has not been serious about this debt crisis."

Parting words: "You need to be more objective, but I love it. Thank you."

Last week Rep. Walsh told President Obama to "quit lying" in a YouTube video.

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