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Krauthammer: Obama's Sudden Interest In Cutting Debt A "Farce"

Charles Krauthammer on "Special Report" panel segment: "Look, he adopts this position of being the Olympian observer of all this, above all the squabbling. Everyone else plays politics, but he acts in the national interest. And he says, you know, 'If not now, when?' All of a sudden he's decided we have to have a big deal, not a small deal. For months, he insisted we have no deal. For months, he insisted that we have a debt ceiling increase with no cuts at all. Now all of a sudden, only a big deal. He says, 'If not now, when?' How about in February when he, as president, submitted a budget that increased the deficit?

"All of a sudden he is a man who wants to be the one who cuts the deficit and the debt. It's a farce. And you see it in the threat he made where he said, 'I will not sign a short-term extension.' Let's say we're in negotiations, and we're approaching, and we want something real like tax reform which takes a few months. And Republicans pass a tax reform -- pass a debt ceiling increase for say three months to allow negotiations. He says he will veto it because he is acting in the national interest; has to be a big deal.

I think the Republicans ought to call the bluff on this. There is no way in which if the House approves a three-month extension with cuts, commensurate relatively small cuts, that the Senate will oppose it and the president will veto it. Because then he gets the blame for the catastrophe that he and Geithner have been predicting."

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