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Buchanan: You Don't Raise Taxes On Private Sector In Bad Economy

On Monday's edition of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" guest Pat Buchanan explains why the Republicans should craft their own debt-solving idea and let the Democrats veto it.

Pat Buchanan, MSNBC: "President Obama, with due respect, is out to lunch if he thinks he is going to get $2 trillion in taxes, we can stop talking about it. Boehner can craft this thing to go across to the Senate. One of the folks up there said the Senate won't take it. Fine. Let the liberal Democrats veto the thing and then the House can pass another debt ceiling and send it over with less cuts until they finally take it.

"The truth is, the Republicans have got to pass the debt ceiling and they've to have major cuts on there and if they can't get them out of the Senate and the President, and they veto it and stop it, who has shut the government down?"

Later in the segment, Pat Buchanan could not understand why raising taxes on the private sector during the current economic conditions would create jobs:

Buchanan: "Can someone tell me why you would add $500 billion or a trillion, or two-trillion dollars of tax hikes on an economy we just found out is flat on its back and being sent to intensive care? Whether you're a monetarist, a Keynesian or a supply-sider, you don't raise taxes on the private sector when the economy is in trouble. Mika says 'how can we get businesses to start hiring?' Is there anyone who thinks that putting a trillion dollars on business is going [to make them] say 'hey, taxes great! We've got a trillion in new taxes, lets go out and create jobs!'?"

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