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Obama On New Unemployment Numbers: "We Can Make Things Better"

"The American people expect us to act on every single good idea that's out there. I read letter after letter from folks hit hard by this economy. None of them ask for much. Some of them pour their guts out in these letters, and they want me to know that what they're looking for is that we have done everything we can to make sure that they are rewarded when they're living up to their responsibilities, when they're doing right by their communities, when they're playing by the rules. That's what they're looking for. And they feel like the rules have changed.

"They feel that leaders on Wall Street and in Washington and, believe me, no party is exempt, have let them down. And they wonder if their efforts will ever be reciprocated by their leaders. They also make sure to point out how much pride and faith they have in this country, that as hard as things might be today, they are positive that things can get better. And I believe that we can make things better. How we respond is up to us."

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