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Bachmann: Obama's Policies "Have Clearly Failed The American People"

CNBC's Carl Quintanilla: Your reaction to this jobs number?

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.): "Well, it's stunningly bad news. It's bad news for the president politically, but it's even worse news for the American people out on Main Street. I've spent a considerable amount of time on Main Street talking to real people in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Iowa, and they really know that the number one issue right now is turning the economy around and creating jobs. And clearly the president's policies haven't worked. It's a failure. And I wish it was otherwise, but it has not worked.

"And the stimulus has only brought us deeper in debt with nothing to show for it. The president's own economists told us recently that the government spent approximately $278,000 per job created, and we have nothing to show for it. So, we're not in a good situation, and clearly the president's policies are a failure. The stimulus has failed."

Quintanilla: Do you think it's going to spur the White House to double down on their stimulus stance or try something different?

Bachmann: Well, you're asking a very good question because I was frankly shocked this morning when some of the president's advisers were on some of the morning talk shows saying that voters really don't care about job creation. I thought, 'What planet are you living on?' with all due respect. The voters absolutely do care about job creation. And it's interesting earlier this week the president in his remarks said that he had another five and a half years to go on his term. Well, not if the American people have anything to say about it. They're very upset about these numbers, and very upset about the lack of job growth.

"I was on a farmer's market just this week in Iowa City, and a guy came out of his business, and he said, 'Michele, you have got to win the White House. We can't have another four years of this president. My business can't afford another four years.' This is palpable, everywhere from Marshalltown, Iowa, to Carroll, Iowa, to Le Mars, Iowa, where there's Blue Bunny Ice Cream.

"I have talked to business owners all across the nation, and they're paralyzed with fear right now. This won't help, hearing these numbers, because it shows that Washington doesn't have the solutions. I just wish the politicians would start listening to real people in America because they do know what we need. And it's getting government out of the way. That may sound like a tired refrain. It's not from the people I speak with. They know how to do this. They know how to create jobs, and they're saying, 'Enough of Washington, D.C.'s answers, we've got the answers ourselves.'

Quintanilla: A jobs number like this, though, isn't going to make it any easier for someone in real America to withstand cuts to Social Security or Medicare. I wonder how does this affect the negotiations over the debt?

Bachmann: Well, I think what this shows is that we can't keep borrowing money that we don't have. That's been Washington's answer year after year. I've consistently voted against raising the debt ceiling as has, as a matter of fact, President Obama. When he was running for the White House he said that to raise the debt ceiling was a failure of leadership. Well, the president voted against raising the debt ceiling because, as he said, it was a failure of leadership.

"The president's own policies have clearly failed the American people, so the answer is not to double down and continue to do more of the same. The answer is to look at what went wrong and reverse course and have a pro-growth job agenda. We're not seeing that from the president, and his own advisers are tone-deaf when they say the American people don't care about job creation. Again, with all due respect, are you kidding me? The American people care very deeply about job creation. And it shows that President Obama is clearly out of touch, unfortunately.

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