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MSNBC's Chris Matthews: Stop "Dicking Around" With The Debt

"Let me tell you how the world watches us. The world's watching Greece. This week the parliament finally got its act together and pushed through a serious budget. All the sudden the world was at ease and we had a serious sense of relief. You don't think they're going to be watching the most important country in the world, us, when we start dicking around with this stuff and we don't get it done. You don't think they're not going to notice we're not getting it done. It's 4 o'clock in the morning and it's August 3rd, or August 5th or August 8th and we still haven't got it done. You don't think there is going to be a world watching us and say 'they're blowing it, there is something wrong with America today,'" Chris Matthews said on his MSNBC show "Hardball" Tuesday night.

Last month, MSNBC contributor Mark Halperin was "suspended indefinitely" for calling President Obama a dick.

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