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Obama: GOP Has No "Proactive Vision Of How To Move Forward"

President Obama responds to presidential candidate Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) for saying he has not done enough for the black and Latino communities.

Blaming Republican fiscal ideas, President Obama said we have to "dig ourselves out of a hole that was created by their polices."

"That's politics, Mrs. Bachmann wants to run for president. That's pretty much boilerplate language for all the Republicans right now. I think everybody, certainly in the African-American community , the Latino community and across the county, understands that we've had to dig ourselves out of a hole that was created by their polices," President Obama told radio talk show host Joe Madison aka the "Black Eagle."

"So the question now is how to move forward. They have not put together a proactive vision of how to move forward other than to try to stop every initiative that we have put on the table to start creating jobs."

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