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Karl Rove: We Need To Take Away Obama's Blank Check

Karl Rove talks about Crossroads GPS' huge ad buy of $20 million to hammer President Obama on the debt. Crossroads GPS is a SuperPAC founded by Rove and Ed Gillespie.

"The American people are sick and tired of the President blaming everything on his predecessor. It is his $830 billion stimulus bill that failed. It was he that made these promises [holding documents] on January 2009. It was him who went out and said if we pass this (stimulus) at the time of the signing statement in Denver all these great things would happen and instead our economy has gotten worse, the debt has gotten higher, our economic position has gotten weaker and the President is to be held to account for his own policies," Karl Rove said on FOX News.

"Let him go out and blame it on his predecessor. The American people are fed up with it and it makes the President look weak," Rove added.

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