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Carney: "Nuts" To Think Obama Is Not Involved In Debt Talks

White House press secretary Jay Carney said it would be "nuts" for the public to believe President Obama is not involved in the debt talks. Carney blames this type of thinking on cable news. Transcript below:

QUESTION: "What was the President's strategy for not being more directly involved initially in these talks. You say he initiated them, but he put the Vice President in charge of that and then it looks, publicly, like he's taking it on the chin for being on the sidelines for --"

CARNEY, WH PRESS SEC: "If you honestly believe that the public is out there wondering why the President isn't in everyone of these meetings. You know, I think that's nuts. You know that's not true. That could be some dialogue that you hear on cable talk shows. He's President of the United States."


"To counter that argument that ten people might be hearing on cable news, I think the point is the President asked the Vice President to lead this talks precisely because he thinks their so important."

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