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McConnell: Obama's Over-Regulation Like "Bureaucrats On Steroids"

Bob Schieffer: You know, Republican say over and over the way to create jobs is by cutting taxes, bringing the deficit down. But do you believe that there's anything else that the government can do to get people back to work because every survey shows that while deficit reduction is on people's mind, what is really bothering them is unemployment. Is there anything else that can be done besides cutting taxes and reducing spending?

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY): Well, we need to quit doing what we've been doing. It's obvious that the stimulus, borrowing all that money and spending it basically on government employees, didn't do any good. If you talk to business people, and Bill Daley, the president's chief of staff, did recently, you find out their biggest complaint is over-regulation. The federal government with that stimulus money hired a quarter of a million new employees. These people are busily at work trying to regulate every aspect of American life -- in health care, financial services, through the Environmental Protection Agency -- really sort of bureaucrats on steroids that are freezing up the private sector and making it very difficult, Bob, for them to grow and expand. You know, you've seen the reports that they've got $2 trillion in cash. The reason they're not investing that in hiring more people is the government has made it very expensive to expand employment.

Schieffer: So, do Republicans have any plans to do anything on the unemployment front, or are you just going to let things take their course?

McConnell: No, what we're doing is encouraging the president to quit doing what he's doing. Quit over-spending. And we're hoping with the debt ceiling discussions, we can begin to address deficit and debt. And, second, they need to quit over-regulating the American economy. This is something they can do on their own. They don't have to come to us for permission to rein in these regulators who are really at work across the American economy making it very, very difficult for businesses to function.

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