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Tom Friedman On "Jewish Apartheid" In Israel

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman was on CNBC's "Squawk Box" this morning. Friedman was able to talk about Netanyahu, talk about "Jewish apartheid" and the thought of ethnic cleansing.

FRIEDMAN: "The worst thing in the world would be if Israel permanently controls the West Bank and basically because of demographics in a very short time, you'll have a Jewish minority ruling over an Arab majority.

CNBC: It's apartheid.

FRIEDMAN: That's what it will be called in the world. And that would be what we call on college campuses and all over the world. That is a fundamental threat to the Israel. I didn't fall off a turnip truck last night. I get the region. Okay?

On Netanyahu's reception in the U.S. Congress:

FRIEDMAN: "Netanyahu, look, he can get a standing ovation in the U.S. Congress if he reads the D.C. phone book just like the Palestinians can get a standing ovation at the UN if they read the New York phone book. What kind of ovation do you think he'd get at the University of California, University of Minnesota? That's what matters to me."

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